The Iball3 is an exciting new electronic game, that is interactive and will get your brainworking. It even has an online world class leader board to trigger your competitive side and let you see where you stack up against people across the globe.

The Iball3 is going to be an extremely popular game this Christmas and is expected to sell out quickly.

Iball3 Details

  • Clear electric blue call
  • Interactive memory game
  • 6 light buttons
  • Single LED display
  • Object of game to turn on all lights to same colour
  • Beat the timer
  • Comes with pre-programmed registration number
  • 2 levels
  • Can easily be reset

Interactive Memory Game

The iball3 is an interactive brain training game. You get a unique registration code so you can put your name on an online leader game and see where you fit into the world leader board. The iball3 can be played by adults and children.

Object Of The Game

The object of the game is to turn on all the lights to the same colour within a specific frame of time.

6 Lights

The iball3 comes with 6 lights and a single LED display. It is a simple but frilling game.

2 Levels

The iball3 has 2 levels to it. The 2 levels reset after 90 seconds which gives you plenty of time for practice games. Level one of the game includes 3 lights that you have to complete within a time limited of 20 seconds. Once you complete this the iball3 automatically advances to a 4 light sequence to level 2. Level 2 must be completed within 60 seconds if you want a chance of getting onto the Global leader board.


Resetting the iball3 is easy – all you have to do is press buttons 1and 5 at the same time.

Registration Number

Each iball3 is unique and comes with a pre-programmed registration number which can be used to enter the World leader board. To unlock this number or special i-code you have to complete Level 2 in less than 60 seconds. Once you have your number and once you enter your number on the iball3 website it will also let you know how quickly you completed the game within hundredths of a second. It also lets you know how many attempts it took you to achieve a winning time and what colour light you managed to achieve.


The iball3 is available for around £15.

iball3 Video Demo

The iball3 is an exciting new interactive game that both children and adults can enjoy for hours on end. The iball3 is a clear electric ball with 6 light buttons, a single LED display, excitement and the ability to get your brain working. The iball3 is expected to be a top Christmas toy so make sure you get yours early.